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About Us


To manufacture durable, safe, custom, waterproof dog beds and crate pads that provide dog owners with a solution to the most common dog bed problems.


We will create, innovate and manufacture the best product for our customers and their pets. We will eliminate headaches and worry for every dog owner and caretaker. We will provide the best comfort and safety for every dog in the Primo Pads Pack.

Our History

Primo Pads was originally started in 2004 by Gary Berding, with the love of dogs in mind and after attending numerous AKC dog shows. We had very simple and humble beginnings and ended up solving problems dog owners everywhere have struggled with.

At first, we initially were just selling pieces of our inner foam to professional dog show handlers and owners who traveled across the country attending dog shows. Our team would attend the dog shows and cut pieces of foam to go into dog crates. This was going well but we wanted to make a product that we didn’t see in the pet product industry by creating a 100% waterproof, tough and safe crate pad that would last the duration of a dog’s life and beyond. After trial and error, our team started covering our foam with durable vinyl and sealing it using the radio frequency/heat sealing method we use today. 

This is when our product became a HUGE hit. Our customers loved our durable, easy to clean and truly waterproof pad. They felt comfortable knowing their dogs had comfortable and eliminated hours of laundry.

Now, we have grown and expanded adding more members to our team and more happy customers across the country. We at Primo Pads exists to better the lives of dog owners, handlers and caretakers so they can give their canine companions the safe, comfort and love they deserve.

What Sets Our Team Apart?

Family Owned

Primo Pads is a small family-owned business with two-generations of family members hand making our product. The pride our “Primo Pack” runs deep and we are just committed to our customers as we are to each other.

American Made

Primo Pads is proudly and exclusively manufactured in the United States. Every Primo Pad purchased is made with American grit and passion to create a long-lasting, durable product.

Customer Care

At Primo Pads our customers and their canine companions come first, always. We created this product to solve a problem in the pet product industry. Our goal is help owners care for their dogs, as well as keep every Primo pup safe, comfortable and happy.

Core Attributes

At the core of Primo Pads is a physical and theoretical durability. We remain functional and reliable despite challenges that come our way. We represent something or someone who will stand strong throughout the test of time. Most obviously, with our product –made to withstand even the toughest of dogs. Beyond our product is our spirit and culture –rooted in premier customer service, a desire to help owners and their dogs as well as an unwavering confidence in our family foundation. Primo Pads remains sturdy, stable and strong consistently.
Dog owners show an unwavering love towards their canine companions and in turn their dogs give them unwavering loyalty. We tap into this and commit a stanch approach to being the best and providing the best.
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Made in the USA –we work with a tenacious and vigorous passion to produce something we’re proud of. Our employees manufacture our goods with a keen eye, grit and hard work.
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Beyond all else, Primo Pads looks to be a dependable solution for our customers. We’re the trustworthy option, that allows owners peace of mind to kennel their dogs comfortably and safely.
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For over 15 years we have worked to create something unique and invested in features that the market hasn’t seen. Our pads out last and outshine our competitors and will for years to come.
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