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Brenda A.
Love them

Great pads . Been using them for years

Karen A.
Comfy for me

Love having the pad in the whelping pen and it fit perfect but it seems like it was sewn with air in the pad so it moves like having a big air bubble, which is rather disconcerting but I guess can be good for the puppies experience.

Cheri K.
Perfect for a outdoor mat for dogs to lay on

I bought this for our six dogs to lay out on the patio during the summer and they have been laying on it every day. I used to use blankets but the dogs would bunch them up or carry around the yard so this mat was the perfect solution. It doesn’t get hot in the sun, east to wipe clean and waterproof.
We also have these for all 6 of our ruffland kennels and they have lasted years!

Steve A.
Long term customer

Fantastic product! Been buying them for years, used to breed and board, these became my go to once I found them! Everything else breaks down and/or gets so smelly after a bit, these hold up and can be cleaned up like new, and last for years and years if taken care of properly! Just got two new ones for my Boerboel puppy, he runs hot, so is always looking to lay on the hardwood, this is a great compromise, cool surface, with some cushion for his joints, and I’ll usually add a blanket in the cooler season for them to cuddle up to when they want. Work great as crate liners and stand alone beds. Watch my pup on IG @mybrotherskeepercoaching 👊

Survived the digging and rooting tendencies of two full sized Great Danes!

My bonded pair cannot be separated. They have to snuggle when they sleep. I finally found a large enough kennel for them and they love it. But I struggled to find a four foot by four foot pad for them. Primo pad finally filled the bill! Thank you!!

Julie D.
Works awesome

Trying to figure out if I can afford another one, lol
It is perfect for a waterproof, hygienic, cushiony, and the puppies seem to get pretty good footing on it, too-which is a huge plus.... I didn't think they would

patricia p.

love the whekping box pad. it is great.

Michelle R.
48x60 whelping pad LOVE IT

I use one of the raised garden beds as a whelping box. I went with the 48x60 pad even though my box is 48x48. The extra 12" stick out the front under the wall and gives me somewhere comfy to kneel. (It was freshly unboxed in the photo the cover is tight once it relaxed fully)

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